Finding You

God is after you. You might think He is only interested in people who have it all together. After all, why would He care about your struggles, your pain and your failures? Even the ones who look good on the outside often feel lost, unloved and unable to move past their pain. How does Jesus speak to us in our brokenness?  We can get a glimpse of His heart when we read the story about the woman at the well. It wasn’t an accident that Jesus chose to speak to the Samaritan woman that hot afternoon. She was used, broken and yearning for freedom. She had searched far and wide for something to satisfy her soul. There is a little bit of her in all of us. 

Then one day, He came. This is when Jesus steps into her life. Instead of seeing her sins, He saw her worth. Jesus broke every rule when He chose to speak to her. He wanted her to know how she is loved, accepted and how she could be free. Free from judgment, free from worthlessness and free from searching all over for something that was never meant for her. How can she satisfy the longing in her heart? Jesus said to her, “But whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.” (John 4:14) In this encounter, Jesus was speaking to all people. Us, you and I. God sees you and he cares for you. He is not going to judge you by what you have done, the wrong choices you have made or what has been done to you. He still seeks after you and wants you to know that you are loved and accepted. 

Rejection can really pierce a deep longing in your soul for love and acceptance. Pain makes us go searching for it from all the wrong places. This empty space is only filled with the love of Jesus. That is where your true worth is found. Beautiful one, when you find Jesus, you find yourself. 

The enemy of your soul wants to keep you bound by everything imaginable, relationships, pain, unforgiveness, lust, fights, difficulties, failures and lies. If he can keep you believing his lies you will never reach your God intended purpose. Choose to walk away from anything that holds you back. God uses your pain to teach you valuable lessons about Him and His ability to change your circumstances. We try to avoid pain but dare I say, your freedom is on the other side. Face it head on and let God use it for His glory. Freedom is worth going after. Don’t stop chasing it. Don’t give up on pursuing it. Forgive the hurt. Find healing for your soul. Fill your mind with the truths of Christ and renew your mind daily in His Word. You are forever loved and filled by Jesus. Your value and your worth is found in Him.

Written by Eeva-Maria George, Brokenness to Beauty


My name is Eeva-Maria George. I am a mother of three kids and a havanese dog, Beni. I am a dreamer who loved to write journals since I was eight. I grew up in Finland as an only girl with five brothers (who now adore me). I am passionate about the things of God! Totally sold out to fight for things that are close to His heart. I was a ministers wife and a survivor of domestic violence who now write to help others to find freedom in Christ.

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